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from the police chief. >> reporter: that's right. the police chief is very angry about this. he is asking for help in the neighborhood, it happened at 2:25 p.m. this afternoon, 8-year-old girl near this suv, police say a gunman drove by and sprayed bullets. the girl was the only one hit. an hour later the police chief came to the scene. >> i will be coming out to these scenes more often. i am also requiring my command officers when they -- when they -- when they -- when we have these incidents, this is part of their responsibility, be out here and show their -- their concern and their support for this community who are -- as you know, very frightening incident that happened here in the middle of the day. we want to make sure the community knows we are taking this very seriously. >> the chief walked the blocks,
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speaking with residents, asking anyone with information to come forward. there are no suspects and no cars identified. the young girl hit in the leg is reportedly suffering just a flesh wound and expected to recover. she is 8 years old. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a house fire in san jose sent four people, including two firefighters to the hospital this afternoon. the two-alarm fire started after 1:30 p.m. at a house. two residents of the home were transported to the hospital with burns. no word on the injuries. two firefighters were also treated at the hospital, their injuries were not severe. the cause of the fire is under investigation. took firefighters a half hour to put out a fire in a vault this morning. the fire broke out at 4:15, flames were coming from a man
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hole. firefighters used a co2 canister to put the fire out. workers fixed damaged equipment. the man accused of killing 7 at a university is being sent to the snappa state hospital -- napa state hospital, one goh is being transported by february 11. the judge declared him not comp tonight stand trial for the shooting at oikos university. late this afternoon we spoke with the brother of a man killed in a horrible crash on the peninsula over the weekend. ktvu's cara liu is live with that and new information on how the crash may have happened. >> reporter: three people were killed in that crash, including two brothers, 12 and 16. also a 21-year-old driver was also killed.
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i talked with his brother that family home. he is pleading with any witnesses to please come forward to help them figure out what happened. >> never imagined him being dead. >> the family still reeling from the loss. >> can't deny that i cried all night long mourning. i want to be strong for my mom and dad and my younger brother. destroyed, like i am. >> reporter: he was one of three young people killed in a wreck on highway 92 last night. his brother says he misses his laughter that he brought to the family. >> he was funny. he was always the silly boy in the family. making jokebs out of -- jokes out of everything. never seen father take better care of his kids. >> reporter: investigators say he was driving on highway 92 when he lost control west of
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the exit. >> the vehicle swerved to the right, hit the guard rail on the right side of the freeway and over turned and hit a pole, outside box on the freeway. >> reporter: according it the chp there are five people in the car, including three brothers in the back seat. two of the brothers, 12 and 16 died at the scene. the third, 18 years old was rushed to the hospital with major injuries. officers say an 18-year-old in a passenger seat was a cousin of the driver, suffered minor injuries. he was the only one that was wearing a seattle belt. investigators are -- seatbelt. investigators are looking for witnesses to help them piece together what happened. officers haven't ruled it out but it doesn't appear drugs or alcohol were a factor. if you witnessed this accident or have information call the
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chp. live, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. a group of u.s. senators offered a strategies for dealing with illegal immigrants. four democrats and four redskins and four elements, securing the boarders, a pathway to citizenship, reforming the system for legal immigration and also establishing an effective employment enforcement program. >> we have a long way to go. but this is a major break through. it is our hope that these principals can be turned into legislation by march. >> the republican senators predicted democrats would go along with the plan because they lost so much support over this issue. parents of children killed in the connecticut shooting offered testimony today on the gun control issue.
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>> he was my son. my buddy. my best friend. >> his six-year-old son was among the 21 first graders killed at sandy hook elementary school. he testified today for stricter gun laws. >> i think both sides need to work together to pass regulation that will work for everybody. >> this is a system, the problem is not gun laws. the problem is a lack of civility. >> he lost his six-year-old son in the shooting. he blamed the problem on violent television shows and a lack of accountability among gun owners. this was the second of four hearings in connecticut in the wake of the shooting. the gun control has done little to curve gun sales. data show that over the last six weeks gun sales hit their
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highest levels in 15 years. owners report people are buying guns while they can. >> now to the super bowl. ktvu has a team of reporters in new orleans. tonight ktvu's ken wayne is live giving us a slice of life in new orleans, including a street performer who had a close encounter with jim harbaugh. ken? >> reporter: frank, we are live on bourbon street, the hurricanes are flowing, the music is blasting and the biz easy is partying -- big easy is partying six days before super bowl sunday. >> reporter: like a team horn from a paddle boat new orleans is loud, proud and in some cases loving the 9ers. [ music playing ] >> 9ers fan. >> reporter: this performer is
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a san francisco native. >> borne and raised in san francisco. went to balboa high school. >> reporter: just got the thrill of his life. jim harbaugh stopped by to say high and sign his 9er heart. >> look behind you. i looked and i was like, bam! [ laughter ] >> i was like oh! come here, now. let me get this signature. >> the 49ers are favored to win the super bowl but here there are ways to find an edge. >> things can be done for athletic comtitian to kill results -- competition to kill results. >> reporter: does it involve human sacrifice? [ laughter ] >> no, no. >> reporter: life again on bourbon street. three motorcycle officers getting ready to move out of here. they are probably expecting a busy night here. the good news is, there haven't
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been any problems so far but it is monday night, we have a long way to go. i would like to thank the folks who let me borrow these beads. they have a special bead for the 49ers. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >> way to go. thank you. before the ravens left for new orleans they received a big send off from thousands of fans who turned out in freezing rain. john harbaugh and ray lewis right there were among the ravens who spoke to the crowd. he called them the best fans in the world and ray lewis promised a win over the 49ers in the super bowl and joe fonzi is in new orleans and at 5:30 p.m. he will have players thoughts on the game and an interesting response from jim harbaugh to president obama's concern about how violent football can be. mayor ed lee was upbeat in his sate of the city address. he said san francisco has come
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a long way. says it overcome high unemployment and new jobs and a balanced budget. >> i would submit to you on these facts alone the state of our great city of san francisco is vital, and it is strong. >> this is the first time mayor ed lee delivered a state of the city address. seismologist announced plans for a new warning system earthquake. he introduced legislation to fund the system. experts said tensors would trigger sirens giving people 1man to take cover. >> at the state capital lawmakers began a session to work on implementing healthcare
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reform. all 50 states have till 2014 to comply with the act. that includes setting up exchanges where residents can shop for health insurance. law makers are working on changing rules to medi-cal to comply with law. law makers are hopeful that could comply in advance of the deadline on january 1 next year. yahoo announced better than expected earnings. they announced their first full quarter owners under the new ceo. revenue increased 2% from the previous year to $1.35 million. the first gain for the year since 2008. on wall street today, the dow is down 14 to 13,881. the nasdaq is up 4 at 3,154. the s&p is down 2 at 1,500. a government watch dog group says the treasury department violated guidelines
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when it approved raises at three firms. the raises were okayed for 18 executives. 14 were for $100,000 or more. one was for a million dollars. together they received $250 billion in federal bail out money, only aig has paid back all of its bail out. a local group wants to move side shows, this is their how to video. their plan ahead. >> i am back in 10 minutes, temperatures warming up into the next couple days. how warm will it get in your neighborhood? i will have the details, see you here in 10.
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boy, it was a stunning sight, drivers over the weekend stopped traffic on the freeway and started doing donuts. today a group called us and
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ktvu's jade hernandez tells us the point they wanted to get across. jade? >> reporter: frank, frank, this latest incident happened on 880 and they said the shows don't have to put drivers in danger. they said there is a way to pull them away from the freeway. >> reporter: this is video of three cars doing donut on 880 saturday afternoon. he feels the drivers need to be redirected. >> i understand they are looking looking for an outlet. >> reporter: he had just the venue. he is part of the foundation a group who has been trying to get them off legal streets and on to tracks. they made this video as a how to for safety. >> if you keep it off the street during the week you have this one outlet at the end of the week. >> reporter: law enforcement is more concerned on how they
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impact traffic? >> do i want this to become a thing that i think people think is fun? no. >> reporter: she wants to be clear on how dangerous it is. >> the airport, hospitals, penal that need to -- people that need to get to places. >> this isn't the first time and it wasn't bow the last if there -- be the last if there is not a positive outlet for the activity or the behavior. >> the chp says if the drivers from this incident are caught it is up to the da to charge them. >> reporter: jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. chevron paid out millions of dollars. $10million has been paid out. 24,000 claims have been filed due to this fire. in addition to individuals, they paid compensation to hospitals, the city and the contra costa county hazmat
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program. follow up to a story about renovations done in a bath room of the interior department using taxpayer money. it was done in 2007 to a bath room. auditors revealed it totaled $236,000 and included a new shower, refrigerator and new paneling. a chairman says he is looking into other questionable spending by the agency responsible for federal office space. >> this bath room in the secretary of interior's office is the poster child for government waste. >> the upgrade was part of a remodeling of the entirier department headquarters. -- interior department headquarters. stamps went up to 46 cents. post cards rose a penny to 33 cents.
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laters to mexico went up 25 cents -- letters to mexico went up 25. priority will also went up but if you bought the forever stamps they are still good. barnes and noble will close a third of its stores. the chain has 689 stores right now and will reduce the number to 450 or 500 stores. the spokeswoman said they are committed to the retail conscept -- concept. this week retailers in 40 states can begin charging a check out fee for customers who use credit cards. >> surcharging will drive consumers crazy. >> california is one of ten states exempt from the law. residents could still face a fee of 4% when they travel out of state or shop online. small businesses are the most likely to add that fee.
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>> companies that have fewer transactions during the day, a car dealer, antique store, doctor, are more likely to do it. >> stores must warn consumers about the fee. the rules are the result of a legal battle that began in 2005 over swipe fees. a 32-year-old woman drowned after being swept to sea by a sneaker wave. it happened yesterday. the coast guard said the woman was walking on the beach when she was pulled into the water. he body was recovered after a 45 minute search. this is the third such drowning in that area in the past few months. in the bay area i understand our chief meteorologist has news on a trend that bill, i think we will like. >> we are liking it. i am sweating it -- [ talking at the same time ] >> rain in the forecast. we are doing fine. we are at 100% of rainfall average. but the models are dry right
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now. we are heading for a warm up. cool over night with a chance of showers. let me show you the mechanisms for the warm up. there is the high pressure. see that? we have here a ridge, the jet stream, it has to go over th top. you can see it. you can see the flow. it runs off like that. any storms out here, they can't get through, they got to ride up and over the ridge. that is where we are. with that said we are heading for a dry pattern here into the week. dry conditions, that means cool over night lows and a chance for more valley fog. more valley fog inland. cooler over night than it has been each night. 33 in santa rosa. 32 napa. just above freezing but you will find freezing temperatures. this 33 in santa rosa. east of santa rosa, you will find a 32, probably. frost. and you will find valley fog. going back to a more stable
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weather pattern. this could get osspare the air day -- us a spare the air day this week. we will track that as well. um borrelias are not -- umbrellas are not coming up. patchy fog. look for it in the -- the spots, towards the delta. because we haven't had a lot of rain, right? but there is moisture in the delta. where the delta comes in. valley fog the real deal, the real possibility for wherever you are. over night lows chilly. headlines are for cool over night lows. patchy valley fog. tomorrow, like today, but warmer. and then extended dry and mild. now with that said, you know it is not going to rain. when i come back i will dial in the temperatures for you. i will get you your forecast highs for tomorrow and the rest of the week. i will see you back here.
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>> thank you. >> more than again years but -- 15 years but questions swirl in this murder case. new evidence that is just now coming to life. >> the fbi is excavating a well containing remains of serial killers. the progress the fbi made today. well, well, well.
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crews continue to search for the remains of the "speed freak killers" ktvu's ken wayne has more. >> reporter: we received an update from the fbi, an hour ago. the crews are down 40 feet deep as part of this hand digging operation. they have been digging by hand this phase since thursday, 40 feet below, no bones found but there is a long way to go. >> reporter: as far as the eye can see nothing but ranch lands south of the town of linden, that is till the eye catches this. a large collection of trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment, the fbi operation. in the search for bones, victims of the "speed freak killers." the fbi is digging here on information from wesley shermantine. but wesley shermantine in a letter claims they are digging in the wrong place. he said i see what you are
5:26 pm
doing. you plan to come up empty handed this way you can claim my information is no good. we spoke with wesley shermantine. >> he never went or pointed out to where they are digging right now. and just cannot understand why they are digging in that location. >> reporter: wesley shermantine led investigators fooa well last year -- to a well last year. it is believed wesley shermantine and loren herzog killed dozens of people. the fbi started the hand digging operation using this crane to lower personnel into the well. will the fbi find bones at the bottom of the well? >> bottom line is, whether they do or don't, i would hope they would keep their word to move on to these next locations. so that we can, you know, rule them in or out. >> the fbi says wesley
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shermantine's recollections at times have been inaccurate and it believes this offers the best chance of finding human remains. it is expected it could take weeks. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge today sentenced a man to death for setting a wildfire in southern california that killed five people. the charges grew out of the 2003 fire in san bernardino county where five men died of heart attacks. rickie lee fowler was convicted of two counts of arson and five coincide of first degree murder. it took them -- fire years of first degrees murder. grand jury in 1999 believed there was enough evidence to indict jonbenet ramsey's parents on charges related to her death but they never pursued the charges against patricia ramsey and john
5:28 pm
bennett ramsey. the girl was found dead in 1996. her parents claimed an intruder was to blame. patricia ramsey died in 2006. major change for the boy scout. why a proposal to soften its stance on gays may not mean much for a teen fighting for that change. >> president obama feels that way, less competition for jack harbaugh. >> what jim harbaugh is saying about the president's comments about the nfl and the violence of the game. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> the case of a local boy
5:31 pm
scout who is gay made headlines but that was then, this is now. tonight the boy scouts of america is considering changing its controversial policy on gay scouts. ktvu's allie rasmus is here now. that scout may have played a role in this. >> reporter: that's right. a week after finishing his eagle scout project he was banned from the boy scouts for being gay but now they are considering a change in policy. >> reporter: as he looks that 288 tiles on this wall he thinks about the ordeal it led to. this was his application to become a eagle scout. >> they put out their letter denouncing his letter. >> reporter: now the boy scouts of americas announced a
5:32 pm
possible change. they may allow its 116,000 local troops to decide for themselves whether they want to include gay members. a statement explained members and parents would be able to choose a unit that meets the needs of their families. >> no longer an issue for a lot of people and it shouldn't matter anymore. >> reporter: he says pressure at the local level and from the top forced the organization to change. >> with corporate donations being pulled they have to. >> reporter: there are also internal forces at work. >> i knot pressure -- i got pressure from board members who are ceos from private organizations that have already recognized that the gay sc is not a a very valuable complete victory even if the change is adopted. >> we got more to go. this is a good start. >> reporter: this is just a proposal for now. the boy scouts of americas
5:33 pm
board is scheduled to discuss this further next week. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a committee held ahering on legislation -- a hearing on ledgeilation that could control -- legislation that could control rent control. right now they are subject to a lottery process. they say the change would lead to a huge number of evictions. >> it is incentivising -- incentivising evictions. >> they are sponsored by scott wiener. no word on when it will go before the board of supervisors. >> google is gaining ground on facebook. the company called google + is the second post popular social
5:34 pm
media site behind facebook. facebook has gun% of inter-- 51% of internet users. youtube ranked third and twitter ranked 4th. organizers of the bay to breakers is trying to find a new responser. zaggal a website for t-shirts -- zazzle, a website for t- shirts dropped out. it is better known for costumes and nudity. alcohol was banned from the race in 2011. ambulance drivers have been told not take patients to summit medical center sill further notice because they are fixing a air duct break and they had to move patients around as a result. nurses say the situation is
5:35 pm
hectic. >> our focus is to make sure patients are taken care of. it is a disruption. i am doing my job but we need them to do theirs. >> summit officials emphasize there is no danger to patients and it will be two days before the situation is revolved. -- resolved. >> players are talking strategy and ktvu's joe fonzi is live with on how john harbaugh is taking on the president's comments. joe? >> reporter: for one day the 49ers had new orleans to themselves but it takes two team to play a football game and the folks in baltimore gave their team a nice send off from
5:36 pm
the harbor. [ singing ] >> reporter: ed reed demonstrated his best talents are on the football field after that send off. the ravens landed in new orleans. we got our first look at jim harbaugh's older brother john and ray lewis who will be playing in his final game on sunday. super bowl's topic has a way of evolving and today's topic was comments by the president, he said if he had a son he would be reluctant to have him play football. >> it is a rough sport. i could understand that. i have kids, i can understand that but the league is doing a great job of nfl players safety. they are trying to find a way to keep guys from getting injured and healthy. >> just to be clear i am not playing the game to hurt anyone.
5:37 pm
you know, so, as far as the rules, i have to deal with it. >> i have a four-month-old, soon to be five-month-old son, jack harbaugh and president obama feels that way then there will be less competition for jack when he gets older. that is the first thing that jumps into my mind if other parents are thinking that way. it is still early. he is only five months old but he is a big kid. big head. and -- >> reporter: what is his 40 time? >> we don't have one yet but wingspan is a plus one. as soon as he grows into the head ] >> reporter: you can always expect different takes from jim harbaugh. we will have more game specific take on things when we see you in an hour on the 6:00 p.m. news. reporting live in new orleans, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. >> taco bell is pullingilities
5:38 pm
ads that -- pulling its ads that urge people to bring tacos to its party. nutritions complained said it discouraged people from eating vegetables. the city of new orleans agreed to scale back its ordinance restricting signs during super bowl week. new orleans wanted to create what it called a clean zone, but the aclu sued. the city can still restrict signs near the super domes. we have a team in new orleans this week. they will give us live reports in every newscast leading up to super bowl sunday and following the super bowl you will see a live local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2. >> president obama welcomed the 2012 nba championship team to the white house and received a surprise today. the president is a hoops fan
5:39 pm
and likes to play here and then there. the miami -- here and there. the miami heat joined him and lebron james tweeted we are that white house. mama, i made it and gave the president an autographed ball and dwyane wade offered the president a spot on the team. monkey goes to space. sounds like a movie. why this real move is raising concern around the world tonight. >> helpful or not? a new revelation about a popular scan used in the diginosis of -- diagnosis of alzheimer's. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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iran said it sent a monkey into space today. the officials said it was on board a rocket that went to 72- miles and returned to earth. it was strapped into a car seat. it was described as a step towards a space flight. the rocket renews concerns about the threat of iran developing long range weapons. police are reminding residents to lock your car after 40 cars were ransacked yesterday. three teens teens entered dozens of unlocked cars. the suspects left the contents all over the street but they took a few items. police say officers arrested
5:43 pm
the three teens for petty theft. the annual spraying will start early. weeds are still clogging channels and harbors and are just beginning to die off from the cold. officials admit they probably waited too long last year to start spraying the weeds and want to get a jump start this year by starting in march. the maker of the blackberry plans to roll out the new system on wednesday. the makeover is part affan effort to -- after to compete in the market. pet scans are not beneficial for everyone. images can detect brain plaque
5:44 pm
associated with lebron lames -- with alzheimer's. older people already diagnosed would not make good candidates. a decision is expected this week on whether they will be covered by medicare and medicaid. here is an a's schedule -- an a's schedule for san jose. >> 10 minutes, chilly over night and it warms up through this week. the specifics on the warm up that will hit your neighborhood starting tomorrow.
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tonight we are starting to see the impact in the bay area from the grounding of the new boeing 787 dreamliners. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar tells us it will cost a lot of money. tom? >> reporter: a lot. here is the san jose schedule. and it says all flights canceled for at least the next three weeks. >> the world's most efficient air liner boeing 787 dreamliners sits in silence. the groundings have caused bogue a $500,000. experts say could cut future revenue forecast. here at san jose airport, thousands of ticket sales have been lost, landing fees, and passenger generated business.
5:48 pm
>> better to have a canceled flight than a crashed flight. >> reporter: if and when flights resume, bigwigs will comfort others who may be dreamliners doubter. >> we are familiar with a version 2.0. >> the airport is 35 miles up the road. what is far more important to the folks here is something called convenience. >> crucial. time is money. and time spent in traffic going to the other fine airports in the region, time and delays due to fog can all be avoided by having a san jose international airport. >> reporter: one more professor says the dreamliners may not fly again till 2014 and that would be very bad news for boeing. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news.
5:49 pm
construction of california's california's high- speed rail is set to start in july but our state still hasn't purchased any land. they are expected to be made in the coming work. analyst worry it could drive up the price of the project or delay it. officials say they can acquire property and begin the project on time. >> cal train wants input on new ticket vending machines. next step here is to be funding the plan. the machines will be in place by 2015 or 2016. authorities arrested four men in connection with a deadly nightclub fire. 230 to 236 people dead. investigators are detaining two
5:50 pm
owners and two performers whose pyrotechnics may be started the fire. the men may not be charged but law allows holding them for questions. also today the first funerals were held for the victims. one of the united states top fire safety groups said the fire should be a wake up call for city here. new safety recommendations were released in 2003 after the fire at a nightclub in rhode island that killed 100 people. standards call for sprinklers, crowd managers and more safety inspections in night clubs. some cities haven't implemented the new standards and others lack man power to enforce the rules. >> a lot of people are under huge, huge pressure, economically and they are laying people off, in a lot of cases it is the people doing the inspection part of it. >> there are 7600 fires at
5:51 pm
establishments each year on average in the united states. whenever you are in a crowded place make sure to make a mental note of exits. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a warm up but it comes as concern because of something we are not getting. >> rain. i don't worry. couple rain would be -- couple days of rain would be nice. we be drier weather, it started last week. running into this week as well and beyond that. models are dry. that leaves us with cool over night lows and warmer day time highs. these are the numbers from today. santa rosa was the warm spot, 63. napa 60 degrees. fairfield, 60. high temperatures tomorrow, like this 56 in san jose, they will come up. lots of 60s tomorrow. low 60s as well. i showed you the jet stream, energy is going to the north. we see the jet stream in the clouds. going like this. right? rain up here but we are south
5:52 pm
of that. clouds outside. clouds working their way over the top. high clouds. fog in the morning. high clouds are getting you a sunset tonight. tuesday morning, chilly. we talked about that. january has been a dry month. towards the end of january. let's look. dry forecast as we go into the rest of the month. january, december, really wet. really wet. rainfall up 170%. now we have been drier, 100%, in that level. every day you miss of rain, i will take you through the model, tuesday, there is wednesday, you see what is happening. everything is staying north, you knew that. patchy valley fog. warm up as well.
5:53 pm
highs tomorrow, low 60s. napa 61. fairfield 58. 57 brentwood. nice warm pattern. lots of 60s south of the bay area. five-day forecast, just like this, sunshine. weekend will pop into view. upper tear numbers is the mid- 60s. warmest spots. record heat. again, it is all good. love the rain. few days like this. now i think this is the time of year. get the snow. it is naught happening. >> okay. thank you. small, but a big problem, gnomes are popping up around oakland on power poles. why is pg&e saying they all have to be removed? at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
5:56 pm
a band of magical gnomes is popping up all over oakland and bringing smiles to a lot of people but because of where they are found, pg&e says they have to go. >> doing not any harm, they should stay. >> the gnomes started showing up a year ago around the neighborhood. they are hand painted on blocks and many are screwed on to power poles. pg&e said they will come up
5:57 pm
with a plan to keep the gnomes just not on the power poles. pg&e is concerned they will inspire people to place other things on the poles that could compromise the equipment. despite the special for damage some folks we talk to say they really like them. >> i love the gnomes. i think they are super cute. i don't see anything wrong with them being there. i love the fact that someone hand painted them, took the time, drilled them on. >> pg&e says they have contacted the person who is creating the gnomes and they plan to include that person in the relocation talks. there is no official count on how many there are out there. the city of alameda will discuss a environmental impact report. they want input on what to include for plans for the land.
5:58 pm
they will put it together for the city counsel to consider. they plan to wrap up the clean up and hand it over to the city. he threatened to kill two college professors, the case about a suspect and what fbi determined after searching his home. in 2 minutes. >> the latest information from public health officials showing how bad the flu season is shaping up to be. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 704
Pixel height 480
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 1/29/2013